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Impact LABS

about us

We are an immersive, experimental laboratory that incubates innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. We support and cultivate free thinking, creativity and efficacy in one, forward movement of global prosperity.

our mission

Our mission is to create impact and value. While our approaches and methods are flexible and progressive, we never yield in our commitment to keep the heart of purpose at the center of everything we do.

our impact

We are a safe space for people who think outside the box. We cultivate talent and  genius in all areas of human capacity. We use influence constructively and create disruptive solutions for problems that benefit the lives of the many.


We create impact. Period.
Are you ready to transform, with us?
Explore our experiments…


We are an integrated powerhouse.
Octagon Enterprises / Corporate

The Corporate Founder. Provides value through commercial partnerships. Brings direction and projects to the table.

Octagon Institute / R&D

The Institute Founder. Provides value through institutional partnerships. Brings R&D and thought leadership to the table.

1080 Signals / Media

The Media Founder. Provides value through media and pr partnerships. Brings the market and the people to the table.