Participate - The Impact Labs
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Join the Labs

Currently, we are focused on the following priority streams:



01. Consumer Solutions.

Entrepreneurship-driven with a focus on solving impact-oriented problems with a consumer lens. Creating value through goods and services that solve a market problem.


02.Transformational Tech.

Technology and innovation-driven with a focus on using information, intelligence and technology to bring our world to elevated states of existence. Creating value through information, consciousness and disruption.


03. Integrative Health.

Health and well-being-driven with a focus on using transformational or integrative practices in the pursuit of well-being on a global scale. Creating value through human prosperity, alignment and performance.


04. Global Economies.

Track 2 Diplomacy driven. Contributing to collective prosperity, peace and security through a combination of research and development, programs, and diplomatic-commercial innovations. Creative value through elevating and integrating societies.

Let’s get,




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If you are interested in being part of the labs, we would love to hear from you. Submit an innovator application and we will get back to you as soon as possible.